AAF Facility in Shippagan, New Brunswick

I.B.E. and Ascom have been awarded the Canadian contract to build a 200 ton Mobile Boat Hoist.  The provincial government of New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture, & Fisheries (AAF) issued purchase order to Ascom S.p.A. of Formigine (MO) Italy on March 27th 2014.  The 200 metric ton Mobile Boat Hoist model BHT 204 will be built for delivery to the AAF facility at 278 Avenue des Pecheurs, Shippagan, New Brunswick in October of this year.

I.B.E. President and Director of Marketing for Ascom N. America said, “I was so excited to have finally bid this job!”  “It took nearly 10 years since my first sales call to this facility in great little French speaking town of Shippagan.  Each year thereafter, I would still be patiently waiting for the tender to be let in hopes that we would get the contract and I could return to say hello to all the fine people I had met there.  I’m really proud to be a part of something so important to this little fishing community and it’s future growth.

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